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The countries we have visited are highlighted in Yellow.  Below the map is a detailed list of trips.

*July: Honeymoon in San Francisco and Hawaii
*August: Smoky Mountain Area
*November: Acapulco, Mexico
*December: Skiing in Colorado

*March: Chetamal, Mexico and Belize
*July: Cayman Island, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Antigua & St. Thomas
*August: Car trip up East Coast to Philadelphia and New York City
*December: Matazlan, Mexico

*February: Las Vegas, Nevada
*July: England, France, Switzerland, Germany & Belgium
*August: Monterrey, Mexico
*December: Skiing in Colorado

*March: Skiing at Park City, Utah
*July: Australia, New Zealand  & Hawaii
*December: Skiing in Colorado

*January: California and Wine Country
*July: Spain, Portugal, Andorra, France, Luxembourg & Liechtenstein
*December: Skiing in New Mexico

*July: Norway, Denmark, Sweden, Germany & Netherlands
*December: Skiing in Colorado

**July-Aug: Around the World - England, Germany, India, Nepal, Hong Kong, Japan, Guam, Hawaii & Australia
*December: Skiing in New Mexico

1981Started work at Bank - Started Group Tours
May: Kentucky Derby- Louisville, KY
August: Oilers-Saints Football - New Orleans
August: Oilers-Cowboys Football - Dallas
September: Fall Foliage in New England and Canada
November: Redskins-Cowboys Football - Dallas
December: Eagles-Cowboys Football - Dallas
*December: Skiing in Colorado

February: Washington Birthday Celebration - Laredo
March: Spring Pilgrimage - Natchez, MS
April: Texas Bluebonnet Trail & LBJ Ranch
June: San Francisco-Tahoe-Reno
June: Astros Baseball - Houston
July: Texas Dude Ranch
July: Cayman Island
September: Cowboys-Oilers Football - Dallas
October: Renaissance Festival - Houston
October: Cowboys-Giants Football - Dallas
October: UT-OU and Cowboys-Redskins Football - Dallas
November: Hawaii Islands Cruise
December: Candlelight Tour-Fredricksburg, TX
*December: Skiing in Colorado

**January: Banff & Lake Louise, Canada
**February: Jamaica
February: Las Vegas, NV
March: Mississippi River Cruise New Orleans to Natchez
April: Bird Watching - Rockport, TX
April: Tulip Time in Holland-Belgium-France-Switzerland & Rhine Cruise
May: YO Ranch & Big Bend National Park, TX
June: Big Thicket Indian Reservation, TX
July: Rafting on Guadalupe River
July: Jack Tar Resort-Montego Bay, Jamaica
August: Alaska Cruise & Interior Bus Tour
August: Cowboys-Oilers Football- Dallas
September: Cowboys Football plus Billy Bob's - Ft. Worth, TX
October: OU-UT & Cowboys Football - Dallas
October: Tyler, TX Rose Festival
November: Horseracing - Laredo, TX
December: Christmas on the Strand - Galveston, TX
*December: Skiing in Colorado

February: Caribbean Cruise - Puerto Rico, Curacao, Caracas, Venezuela, Grenadines, Martinique  & St. Thomas
March: Dogwood Time in East Texas
April: Mississippi, Arkansas & Tennessee
May: "Carmen" Opera in San Antonio
June: New Orleans and  Lafayette, LA
June: Jack Tar Resort - Bahamas
July: San Francisco-Tahoe-Reno
July: Texas Dude Ranch
August: South Africa-Zimbabwe-Kenya Safari-Egypt & Nile Cruise
September: New York City and New England Fall Foliage
October: OU-UT-Cowboys Football - Dallas
October: Renaissance Festival - Houston
November: Laredo, TX
November: Thanksgiving in Williamsburg and Washington, DC
December: Cowboys-Redskins - Dallas
*December: Skiing in Colorado

January: Mexican Riviera Cruise
February: Mardi Gras in Lafayette, LA
March:  Azalea Trail - Houston
April: Vanishing River Cruise - Hill Country, TX
April: San Francisco-Tahoe-Reno
June: Galveston, TX Historical Tour
June: Canyonlands- AZ-UT-NV
July: Jack Tar Resort - Puerto Plata, Dominican Republic
August: King Ranch-Corpus Christi, TX
August: Shakespeare Festival - Winedale, TX
August: British Isles Cruise-London-Ireland-Isle of Man-Isle of Skye-Orkney Islands-Scotland & Hamburg, Germany
September: New York City & New England Fall Foliage
October: Laredo, TX
October: OU-UT-Cowboys Football - Dallas
November: South America Tour-Peru-Chile-Argentina-Brazil
*December: Skiing in Colorado

January: Tahiti Island Cruise
**January: Sea Cloud Cruise Mexico & Honduras
February: Caribbean Cruise-Puerto Rico, Barbados, Martinique, St. Maarten, St. Thomas
March: Audubon Pilgrimage - St. Francisville, LA
April: Texas Bluebonnet Trail
April: Easter time at New York City-Williamsburg & Pennsylvania
May: YO Ranch and Kerrville Craft Show, TX
May: Kentucky Derby - Louisville, KY
May: Reno, NV
June: Alaska Cruise
July: Statue of Liberty Celebration, NYC & Cruise New England Islands
August: Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone Park, Grand Tetons, Utah, Las Vegas
August: Shakespeare Festival - Winedale, TX
August: Cowboys-Oilers Football - Dallas
September: Banff-Lake Louise-Calgary, Canada
October: OU-UT-Cowboys Football - Dallas
October: Ozark Fall Festival - Eureka Springs, AR
October: Cowboys-St. Louis Cardinals Football - Dallas
October: Texas State Fair - Dallas
November: Laredo, TX
November: Thanksgiving at Cowboys Football - Dallas
December: Nashville Country Christmas - TN
*December: Skiing in Colorado

**January: Whale Watching Baja, Mexico, Cruise
January: Panama Canal Cruise-Acapulco, MX-Cartagena, Columbia-Aruba-Martinique-Antiqua-St. Thomas-Puerto Rico
February: Las Vegas, NV
February: Wildlife Expedition - Kerrville, TX
March: South Cruise - Savannah, GA- Hilton Head, SC-St. Simons Island, St. Augustine-Disneyworld-Okeechobee Waterway- Ft. Myers, FL
March: King Ranch and Whooping Crane Adventure-Rockport, TX
April: Cunard Cruise-Grand Cayman-Cozumel & Cancun, MX-Galveston
April: Bluebonnet Trail and Vanishing River Cruise - TX
May: Galveston Historical Tour
May: Up California Coast - Los Angeles to San Francisco Bridge Celebration
June: Scandinavia-Russia Cruise
June: Louisiana Races and East Texas Train
June: Hawaiian Islands Cruise
July: Paradise Island - Bahamas
August: Idaho State Tour
September: Cruise St. Louis, MO to Nashville, TN
September: Cowboys-Buffalo Bills Football - Dallas
October: New York City and Nova Scotia, Canada
October: Mexican Riviera Cruise
November: Australia-New Zealand-Fiji
December: San Antonio Christmas Celebration
*December: Skiing in Colorado

January: Citrus Festival-McAllen, TX
February: Caribbean Cruise-Miami-St. Maarten-St. Thomas-Dominican Republic         
February: Las Vegas, NV
March: Brenham Home Tour - TX
April: Texas Bluebonnet Trail
April: Copper Canyon, Mexico
May: Cruise to Bermuda
June: Cruise Alaska plus Midnight Sun Express Train
July: Canadian Rockies and Calgary Stampede
August: Eastern Europe-Russia-Czechoslovakia-Hungary-Romania-Bulgaria-Poland
September: Michigan and Great Lakes
October: Texas State Fair & Cowboys Football - Dallas
October: Laredo Races and Shopping - TX
November: Long Beach, CA - Stay on Queen Mary
November: Cowboys-Oilers Thanksgiving Game - Dallas
December: Chocolate Festival - Hershey Hotel - Corpus Christi, TX
December: Nashville Country Christmas - TN
*December: Christmas in Belize
December: New Year's Eve in New York City

January: Texas Cruise and Valley Tour
February: Broadway Plays in Houston
February: Caribbean Cruise - Puerto Rico-St. Maarten-Martinique-St. Thomas
February: Las Vegas, NV
March: St. Patrick's Day in Ireland
April: Texas Bluebonnets and Wine Festival
April: Natchez, MS Spring Pilgrimage
April: Bahamas Islands Cruise
May: Cinco de Mayo Festival in San Antonio
**May: Costa Rica
May: San Francisco-Tahoe-Reno
June: Indian Plays in Texas and Oklahoma
July: Sea World in San Antonio
July: Northern Europe Cruise-London-Netherlands, Russia, Finland-Sweden-Denmark
August: YO Ranch and Kerrville, TX
September: European Cruise-Spain-France-Italy-Greece-Yugoslavia
October: Fall Foliage Cruise-RI-NY up Hudson-Erie Canal-St. Lawrence Seaway-Montreal & Quebec City-Bus back through NH & VT
October: Guadalajara, Mexico
November: Christmas at Mansions in Brenham, TX
November: San Diego Faberge Art Exhibit
November: Laredo, TX
November: Cowboys Thanksgiving Game-Dallas
*December: Christmas in Belize

January: Cruise - Spain's Costa Del Sol-Morocco-Canary Islands-Tangier-Rock of Gibraltar
February: Las Vegas, NV
February: Costa Rica
March: Bob Hope Show in Port Arthur, TX
March: Cruise to Puerto Rico-Martinique-Barbados-Devil's Island, French Guiana-Amazon River to Manaus, Brazil
April: Bluebonnet Trail and Wine Festival, TX
April: Easter in New York City plus Atlantic City
April: Atlanta, GA
May: Cruise-Ft. Lauderdale ,FL-Cozumel, Mexico-Grand Cayman-Cartagena, Columbia-Panama Canal-Acapulco, Mexico
May: Brandywine Country-Pennsylvania-Deleware-Washington,DC
June: Galveston Gambling Cruise
July: Hawaiian Islands Cruise
August: San Antonio Broadway Show and Sea World
August: Ruidoso & Santa Fe, NM Indian Market Pala Duro Canyon Show, TX
September: Oberammergau Passion Play in Germany-Italy-Switzerland
October: Black Sea Cruise-Rome, Italy-Sicily-Izimir Ephesus & Istanbul,Turkey- Yalta & Odessa, Russia- Yugoslavia- Venice, Italy
November: Ecuador and Galapagos Islands Cruise
November: Disneyworld, FL
December: Nashville Country Christmas, TN
*December: Belize
December: Rose Parade in Los Angeles

January: Belize and Tikal, Guatemala
February: Caribbean Cruise-Ft. Lauderdale, FL-Nassau, Bahamas-Jamaica, Grand Cayman, Cozumel, Mexico
February: Las Vegas, NV
March: Corpus Christi, TX
April: San Francisco-Tahoe-Yosemite Park
April: Bob Hope Show in Port Arthur, TX
May: Branson, MO & Eureka Springs, AR
May: Tulip Time in Michigan
June: Retired from NationsBank-Moved to Ranch
July: Started own Travel Business
October: Albuquerque Balloon Festival & Santa Fe, NM
December: Nashville Country Christmas, TN
December: Week in London, England
*December: Belize

February: Las Vegas
June: Train from Vancouver to Jasper-Motorcoach to Calgary, Canada
*June: Captivia Island, FL
August: Vienna, Austria-Budapest, Hungary-Prague, Czechoslovakia-Elbe River Cruise through East Germany-Motorcoach to Berlin
September: Seattle, WA through Oregon to San Francisco, CA
October: New England Fall Foliage
October: St. Louis & Branson, MO.
November: China, Hong Kong and Macau

January: Amazon River Cruise - Manaus, Brazil-Trinidad-Martinique-St. Bart's- St. Maarten-St. Thomas-Miami-FL
February: Argentina-Chile-Brazil
March: A Week in Paris, France
April: Las Vegas, NV - AZ & NM
May: Ottawa, Canada Tulip Festival-Montreal & Quebec City
*June: Captivia Island, FL
July: Chicago-Train to Glacier National Park-Sun Valley, ID
August: Nova Scotia-Prince Edward Island-Newfoundland, Canada
September: England-Ireland-Scotland & Wales
November: Australia-New Zealand & Fiji
December: Nashville Country Christmas, TN
December: Rose Parade in Los Angeles

February: Costa Rica
March: Amazon River Cruise Iquitos, Peru to Manaus, Brazil
April: Georgia and South Carolina
May: 50th Anniversary D-Day Celebration in England and France
July: Cruise Alaska and Yukon Land/Rail Tour
September: Denmark-Norway-Sweden-Finland
October: Boston, MA-Maine-Gaspe Trail and Quebec City-VT-NH
November: Hong Kong-Bangkok-Singapore-Bali
November: Thanksgiving in New York City

January: Chile and Easter Island
February: Las Vegas, NV
March: Portugal and Spain
May: Cruise from New Orleans to Chicago
*June: Captivia Island, FL
June: National Parks-AZ-UT-WY-SD
July: Newfoundland and Labrador

1996     Became Texas Sales Representative for Collette Tours and did not escort any group tours.
**July: Papua New Guinea Land and Cruise-Singapore and Malaysia

1997     Resumed escorting a few group trips
January: Las Vegas, NV
**April: Viet Nam and Cambodia
July: Washington State and San Juan Islands
September: Tanzania with group - Madagascar-Reunion Island-Mauritius-Seychelles on own

January: Peru and Bolivia
April: France-Monaco-London via Chunnel
*August: Wisconsin
**August: Salmon Fishing in Alaska
**November: Indonesia (Bali-Sulawesi-Irian Jaya-Java-Sumatra
*December: Argentina-Uruguay-Paraguay

January: Costa Rica
February: Snowmobiling in Jackson Hole, WY
March: Retired from escorting groups and Collette Representative
*March: Las Vegas, NV
*June: Captivia Island, FL
*July: Philippines-Borneo (Sabah-Sawawak-Brunei-Kalmantan) Indonesia (Sulawesi and Bali)
*September: New England and Prince Edward Island, Canada Fall Foliage
*October: Las Vegas

*February: Las Vegas
*May: Salmon Fishing in Alaska
*June: Saskatchewan and Manitoba, Canada
*October: Las Vegas

*January: Rhode Island, Massachusetts and Connecticut
*April: Big Bend National Park, Texas
*June: Dauphin Island, Alabama
*July: Vancouver Island and British Columbia, Canada
*September: Rhode Island for Book Signing
*October: Las Vegas and California for Book Signing

* Keith and Joyce only or with family

** FAM or Travel discount tours

Remaining were Group Tours

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