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Joyce Brooks has probably been there, and in her book she reveals all the special places she has visited across the globe.  She landed on her final continent, Antarctica, at the age of sixty-nine, thus the title “Seven Before Seventy”.  Travel along with her to each of the seven continents for an insight into unique places to visit – or perhaps not to visit.  You will chuckle and perhaps shudder as Joyce takes you with her on adventures as a Group Tour Leader and in her personal travels to the Seven Continents and many of the planet’s seas. Interesting destination history and insider tips are included along the way depicted in numerous pictures.

“Seven Before Seventy” is much more than a travelogue; her snapshots of history give a fascinating context to the many captivating anecdotes that intrigue and inspire.  Joyce’s account of her travels is frank and honest…clearly, she has a taste for adventure, at time a little wary, but always willing to give most things a try once.  Compelling reading!”

                                       Alexander Witten-Hannah, Auckland, New Zealand

                                       Attorney and world traveler, and Mt. Everest climber

“Joyce Brooks has a flair for travel that is easily understood by people who love to go with her.  Read this book and think of the possibilities.”

                                       George E. Aker, Reno, Nevada

President, Heritage Clubs International LLC (for Group Travel Directors)

“’Superb! Yet again, Joyce Brooks has captured both the mind and spirit in this marvelous creation chronicling her world conquests. Insightful, in-depth, inspiring and fun. "Seven Before Seventy” is sure to entertain as well as educate both the experienced world traveler and those who like to live vicariously through the magnificent storytelling of a true master…a MUST READ for anyone who has yearned to travel the globe!”

                                       JimBob Reincke, Salem, Illinois

                                       The Tourism Guru of Motivation Nation

Joyce Brooks exchanges adventure stories aboard the Marco Polo cruise ship with the master of extreme achievements, Peter Hillary.  In the past twenty-five years, Peter has climbed Mt. Everest twice, forged a new route across Antarctica to the south Pole, was the first to traverse the length of the Himalayas, and is the author of five books (“In the Ghost Country” to be released in 2004). Peter actively assists his father, Sir Edmund Hillary (first man to reach Mt. Everest summit) in raising funds for schools and hospitals for the people of Nepal.

Published by Eakin Press, Austin, TX

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