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Around the World...
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Been There. Done That!

From leech infested rainforests to the most luxurious cruise ships afloat, Joyce Brooks has done it all. In the past twenty-five years, she has visited 110 countries and all 50 of the United States. She has escorted over 200 group trips as a group leader. She did it without wealth and she didn’t start until she was over forty. She did it by becoming one of the country’s most successful leaders of group tours. Shepherding busloads of senior citizens to the world’s most romantic and exotic places is tough, dirty business, and she loved doing it. This story recalls the many experiences on tours and personal travel that reveal humor, excitement, frightening, and thrilling escapades.

"On all my air tours, my husband always wanted to sit by the window, and being the good wife that I am, I always was stuck in the middle seat, and have literally been around the world in the middle seat."

Relive Joyce Brooks’ dreams as you travel with her around the world – so grab an aisle seat and come along.

"Around the World in the Middle Seat" is informative and inspirational. If you want to get into Group Travel, this is a great primer; if you are already established as a Group Leader, it will reinforce what you are doing and is fun to read. 

Charles A. Presley, President
Group Leaders of America
Salem, Ohio

"Around the World in the Middle Seat" is an in-depth portrayal of travel and life as a group travel coordinator.  Certain to captivate readers, Joyce Brooks' book is born of many years of experience as a successful group leader, and illustrates real-life stories of the excitement and challenges travel offers.

Daniel J. Sullivan, Jr. President & CEO
Collette Vacations

Pawtucket, RI

"I received your book on Friday and finished reading it over the weekend. I greatly enjoyed your experiences with group travel, some of which I have also experienced. It's amazing all of the "hats" we are required to wear as group leaders, from Medical Doctor to Historian, to Comedian, to Psychiatrist. Its nice to know I am not alone in some of the wacky experiences I've encountered in my 4.5 years as a leader. Thankfully most of them have been enjoyable! Your book is a must read for any group leader!"

Bill Bennett
Assistant Vice President
Prime Time Program Manager
Monroe Bank
Bloomington, IN

"I have just finished reading your "un-put-downable"  travel book, "Around the World in the Middle Seat". I found your variety of accounts of your experiences to be both quite fascinating and amusing.  I shall dip into it often, as I found it so entertaining on my first "Tour" of its contents."


Luceen Greenhorn
Scotland, United Kingdom

Published by The Intrepid Traveler - Branford, CT

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