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Looking for something new and innovative as a guest speaker for travel-interest groups, Tourist Department meetings, clubs or schools?

Joyce Brooks, author of “Around the World in the Middle Seat: How I Saw the World (and Survived!) as a Group Travel Leader”, tells of her many escapades (humorous and horrific) as she led forty or more people to over 100 countries on over 200 group tours. Her second book: “Seven Before Seventy: One Woman’s Quest for the Seven Continents” continues her travel sagas throughout the world to all seven continents.

As a child on a farm and ranch in central Texas, she dreamed of seeing the world.  She realized this youthful fantasy Jan. 14, 2003, when she stepped on her seventh continent – Antarctica.  She also vowed at age nine that she would write a book about her travels and her first book was published October, 2001, followed by the second book September, 2003. The travel and book reality did not come easily or quickly – she had lots of bumps in the road, and did not start her traveling until she was past 45 and the first book was published at the age of 68. Without the means of personal wealth, she managed to visit 116 countries in just twenty years. Her inspiring tale is how to never lose sight of your goal, told with a flair and good humor, displaying scenes from around the world with her power point computer.

bulletMotivational - to inspire and set goals and never give up
bulletInformative - special tips on where travel and how to pack
bulletDelightful - laugh and cry as she relates the many travel incidents
bulletPerfect for any group at any age interested in the world and travel

Contact by phone, FAX or e-mail.  Only require travel expenses, opportunity to offer book to audience.  Honorarium negotiable.

"On behalf of the Mississippi Tourism Association, I would like to thank you for coming to Tupelo to be part of a very successful Governor's Conference on Tourism. We appreciate your valuable contributions to the tourism industry while sharing your road to success!"

Kim Thomas, MTA President

"We enjoyed having you and you were a HUGE hit! Thank you for being a part of our conference."

Donna Valentine, Conference Contact
Mississippi Tourism Association

"Thank you for being such a great guest speaker! Your presentation was adventurous and captured the attention of all who were present. Well Done!"

Joanne Nelson
Executive Director
Uvalde Convention & Visitors Bureau

You did such a great job for us!
The customers loved it! I've had nothing but glowing comments about
your presentation, both the pictures and your funny commentary! You're
a natural speaker!

Rhonda McGill
Home Star Bank
Bradley, IL

We were so pleased with your presentation here at Jacksonville Savings Bank last week. Your excellent delivery made your marvelous experiences come to life, and we appreciated your sense of humor and your passion for travel. Since the event, I have spoken to several attendees who purchased your books, and all are enjoying them thoroughly!

Suzie Glisson
Jacksonville Savings Bank
Jacksonville, IL

It was a treat having Joyce Brooks as our luncheon speaker at the 2005 New York State Governor's Tourism Conference in Alexandria Bay on September 28, 2005. Her many tales of adventures, trials and tribulations kept our conference attendees spellbound, laughing, and longing to travel. Many of us realized how much we enjoyed being part of the tourism industry and a few of us even began planning our next great travel adventure. Very nice meeting you. I enjoyed all your stories and adventures.

Marisa Finn

Director Office of Special Events

New York State Dept. of Economic Development

Alabany, NY


"As a hotelier for over 30 years I have met people from all walks of life. Your keynote address at the 2005 NYS Governor's Tourism Conference was a great reminder of the diversity that exists in this world and how lucky we are to be Americans. Your down-to-earth nature, laugh-out-loud sense of humor and stories of perseverance were most rewarding and uplifting."

Daniel C. Murphy, CHA
NYS Hospitality & Tourism Association
Albany, NY

"Joyce Brooks is most entertaining. She provided helpful travel insights flavored with humor for our group. Joyce made each member of our 300+ crowd feel like they were experiencing her travels right along with her. The audience feedback has been incredible."

Gina Ward
Director of Marketing/Development
VOICE, Inc. Corsicana, TX

Comments from peers at Texas Authors Speak presentation:
     "Great collage of photos and displayed in an entertaining and exciting fashion."
     "Inspirational - for an interesting life, well lived!"
     "Funny, informative, lots of emotion."
     "Absolutely delightful! I could listen to Joyce speak for hours."

I have had such positive feedback from everyone that attended your session. You not only entertained us, but impressed us with all your knowledge and travel experience. Thank you for being a part of our conference and contributing to its success.
Sharon Murphy Vennen
Association Manager
Louisiana Bed and Breakfast Association

What an absolutely fabulous presentation! You ‘blew them away’ with all of your travel stories and experiences. They laughed, they applauded and they loved it. You are the “best of the best” in your field and the Cameron State Bank Elite Club is indeed fortunate to have had you as a speaker. Thank you for the honor and the privilege. You were just wonderful and everyone loved you! Please come back again!

Brenda Fontenot
Cameron State Bank Elite Club Director
Lake Charles, Louisiana

I have talked to so many of our attendees at the luncheon last Friday, and they are all expressing their delight in hearing your talk. Quite a few have told me they bought at least one of your books, and all have said your presentation was great. I am so glad you had this area on your travel schedule, and Peoples Bank had the opportunity to sponsor your visit.

Catherine Y Ross
Public Relations Coordinator
Peoples Bank
Clifton, TN

Joyce Brooks' life is a story of determination and motivation. Recently, we were so pleased to have her speak at the regional bed & breakfast conference here in St. Francisville, Louisiana.

Joyce is a well-polished speaker and moves quickly through over 200 amazing slides of 'places & faces' around the world. Presenting her story with great ease, it's obvious she is very well-organized and disciplined. Her presentation is not only extremely educational, but also quite entertaining as well.

We certainly laud her for all of her amazing achievements and know she has many more to come.

Shirley Dittloff
Owner / Innkeeper of Barrow House Inn
Historic St. Francisville, Louisiana

"You were the perfect after dinner speaker - you kept them all awake with your great stories and photos -and this is the first time I saw this group give a standing ovation,
We were fortunate to be able to offer our members the caliber of speakers such as you to address new concepts and key issues that they needed to take back to their homes and offices around the state."
Daniel Mobley
President and CEO
Louisiana Travel Promotion Association 

"Thank you for sharing your love of travel with our students. You a true inspiration to all. Your passion for what you do and love is refreshing. Thanks for helping to make our event a truly special evening."

Heather Cochran
Hospitality Center Coordinator
SUNY Delhi, NY

"Thank you so much for speaking at our "Sample The World" event. It's people like you who give us all courage to go after our dreams."

Shara Brown
Association of Travel Executives
SUNY Delhi, NY

"Thanks so much for an entertaining and informative presentation. You gave me several practical examples of how I can improve my service to groups. I heard many positive comments from both beginners and experienced CVB sales staff."

Ann Rohan, Director
Hastings and Adams County CVB
Hastings, NE

"Wow!  What a great presentation.  I want to express my sincere appreciation and admiration for your outstanding presentation to the members of the International Travel Club in St. Louis.  The response to your presentation, based on your world travel and experiences, was overwhelming.  You hit a nerve in more than 180 members in the audience.  Many said this was the best meeting ever, thanks to you.  Not only were you an excellent speaker, your talk was inspirational and caused a buzz of excitement.  Your slides were excellent and conveyed a reality beyond our expectations, stirring up some wonderful memories."
 Harold Grady
 International Travel Club
 St. Louis, MO

"I just wanted to send a very special "thanks" for sharing a bit of your life and stories with our North Dakota folks! It was a pleasure to host a fine writer and brilliant speaker here. Our people really enjoyed the education and the laughter of those moments that make travel an experience."

Rox Erhardt
Bank Center Good Neighbor Club Director
Bismarck, ND

"Thank you for sharing your love of travel with our students. You a true inspiration to all. Your passion for what you do and love is refreshing. Thanks for helping to make our event a truly special evening."

Heather Cochran
Hospitality Center Coordinator
SUNY Delhi, NY

"Thank you so much for speaking at our "Sample The World" event. It's people like you who give us all courage to go after our dreams."

Shara Brown
Association of Travel Executives
SUNY Delhi, NY

I am a student at SUNY Delhi, and I recently had the privilege to listen to you speak in Alexandria Bay regarding your travels.

I must tell you that I really enjoyed listening to your words regarding your passion for travel and the stories that you shared. I am a travel student, and I am looking to get involved in group travel. You gave me the kind of guidance I was looking for and the inspiration to do what I want.
Jake Nowakowski

"I definitely recommend your program to other libraries. Never before have I had so many program participants tell me how much they enjoyed the evening presentation."

Barton Hill, Librarian
Victoria Public Library
Victoria, TX



Weatherford College
Linda Bagwell, Dr. of Public Information
Weatherford, TX


State University of New York
College of Hospitality and Tourism
Heather Cochran, Hospitality Center Coordinator
Delhi, NY

Louisiana/Mississippi Bed and Breakfast Associations
Sharon Murphy, Executive Director
Baton Rogue, LA

Mississippi Tourism Association
Chris Chapman, Project Mgr. Sr. Meetings & Conventions


Historic Accommodations of Texas
Herb Dickson, Corporate Administrator
Austin, TX

International Travel Club

Carroll Chandler, President

Carrollton, Texas


Onion Creek Arts and Literary Club            Uvalde Convention and Visitors Bureau
Marion Komrick                                                Joanne Nelson


San Saba Friends of the Library                    Women's Fishing Retreats
Carol Lee Littlefield                                            Captain Sally Moffett


Home Star Bank                                                 Jacksonville Savings and Loan
Rhonda McGill                                                    Suzie Glisson
Bradley, IL                                                            Jacksonville, IL


Texas Authors Speak                                       VOICE Annual Luncheon
Allison Pittman, President                               Gina Ward, Promotion Director
San Antonio, Tx                                                 Corsicana, Tx

First National Bank                                           Texas Municipal League Convention
Becky Custer                                                      Spouse Speaker
Griffin, GA                                                             Austin, TX


Cameron State Bank Elite Club                     GO (Group Organizers) Convention

Brenda Fontenot                                               John Kloster
Lake Charles, LA                                              
Myrtle Beach, SC

Peoples Bank                                                     Randolph Bank and Trust
Catherine Ross                                                  Annette Kennedy
Clifton, TN                                                            Asheboro, NC


Grand Princess Cruise Ship                            International Travel Club

Neal Chandler, Cruise Director                        Harold Grady, President

Galveston, TX                                                       St. Louis, MO


New York State Governor's Conference      Heritage Clubs International, Inc.

Marisa Finn, Director                                         George Aker, President

Dept. of Economic Dev., Albany NY               Reno, NV


Louisiana Travel Promotion Assn.                Nebraska Division of Travel

Daniel Mobley, Pres. & CEO                            Paula Bohaty, Group Travel Mgr.

Baton Rouge. LA                                               Lincoln, NE


Hastings/Adams Co. Visitors Bureau          Clipper Cruise Lines

Ann Rohan, Dr.                                                  Laurie LaChance, Lecturer Dr.

Hasting, NE                                                        St. Louis, MO


Collette Vacations                                            Creative Solutions

Dan Sullivan, Pres. & CEO                             Mike Daly, Owner

Pawtucket, RI                                                    Atlanta, GA


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Harvey Herbst, Program Dr.                           Barton Hill, Librarian

Austin, TX                                                            Victoria, TX


Copperas Cove Public Library                      Monroe  Bank

Peggy Fleet, Librarian                                      Bill Bennett

Copperas Cove, TX                                          Bloomington, IN


Farmers and Merchants Bank                       Spirit Bank

Tamara Reed                                                      Mary Franks

Hannibal, MO                                                     Bristow, OK


Condon National Bank                                   Security State Bank

Mary Bilby                                                          Carroll Collins

Coffeyville, KS                                                   Sidney, NE


Security State Bank                                         Security State Bank

Diana Toner                                                       Mary Nelson

Cozad, NE                                                          Elwood, NE


First National Bank                                          Farmers & Merchants Nat. Bank

Linda Havelk                                                     Mary Jean Hagedorn

Schuyler, NE                                                     West Point,  NE


First Citizens Bank                                         First Citizens Bank

Jan Blackman                                                  Beth Hoppel

Clarion, IA                                                         Osage, NE


First Citizens Bank                                         First Citizens Bank

Jan Faust                                                          Irene Huegel

Charles City, IA                                                New Hampton, IA


First Citizens Bank                                         Iowa State Savings Bank

Patty Paul                                                          Karla Hynes

Mason City, IA                                                  Creston, IA


First Iowa State Bank                                     Iowa Trust & Savings Bank

Jackie Morehead                                             Lois Reynolds

Albia, IA                                                              Centerville, IA


Burlington Bank & Trust                               Citizens National Bank

Renee Zaiser                                                    Judy Kircher

Burlington, IA                                                   Clay Center & Concordia, KS


First National Bank & Trust                          Security First Bank

Kate Evers                                                        Karen Geerson

Fullerton, NE                                                     Gordon, NE


Security First Bank                                         First Dakota Bank

Pat Skinner                                                       Sandy Fechner

Hay Springs, NE                                              Wagner, SD


First Dakota Bank                                           First Dakota Bank

Sherry Gerlach                                                 Jane Pugh

Parkston, SD                                                    Yankton, SD


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Janine Van Emmerik                                      Patti Miller

Salem, SD                                                         Mora, MN


State Bank of Long Lake                              Community Bank

Sharon Clavin                                                 Mary Quast

Long Lake, MN                                               Winsted, MN


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Rochester, MN                                                Winona, MN


First State Bank                                             National Bank of Commerce

Diane Sandwick                                             Mary Berg

Wabasha, MN                                                 Superior, WI


Bank of New Glarus                                     Community State Bank

Kaye Gmur                                                     Beth Quader

New Glarus, WI                                             Union Grove, WI


Sandridge Bank                                             First National Bank

Val White                                                         Amie Nicholson

Highland, IN                                                    Brighton, MI


Southern Michigan Bank                            Peoples National Bank

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Coldwater, MI                                                Kewanee, IL


Clinton National Bank                                 Hills Bank and Trust

Gene Biermann                                             Barb Colehour

Clinton, IA                                                       Cedar Rapids, IA


Hills Bank and Trust                                     City National Bank

Larry Blake & Carol Kirkpatrick                 Charlotte Thompson

Hills, IA                                                             Shenandoah, IA


Morrill and Janes Bank                                Grand Federal Bank

Peggy LaCounte                                            Patti Beth Anderson

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Sherry Henning                                             Janci Gettys

Elkader, IA                                                      Austin, TX


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Stacy Borders                                                Mary Harris

Nacagdoches, TX                                          Searcy, AR


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Patti Manville                                                   Ruth Rogers

Heber Springs, AR                                         Ash Flat, AR


First National Bank                                         First Midwest Bank

Sharon Hammond                                          Rob Callahan

Willow Springs/Licking/Houston, MO        Poplar Bluff, MO


Phelps County Bank                                      Mories County Bank

Debbie Estey                                                   Kathy Scego

Rolla, MO                                                          Owensville, MO


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Carolyn Kearns                                             Amy Meseck

Vinton, IA                                                        Schleswig, IA


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Traer, IA                                                          Audubon, IA


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St. Joseph, MO                                             Ponca City, OK


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Georgine Pollert                                           Rox Erhardt

LaMoure, ND                                                 Bismarck, ND


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Lori Harris                                                     Susan Berglund

Garrison, ND                                                 Bowman, ND


American State Bank                                  Austin Woman’s Club

Patti Conlon                                                  Speaker Chairman

Dickinson, ND                                               Austin, TX