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So You Want to Be a Group Leader

Joyce Brooks can be your special consultant.  All you have to do is tell her what market you want to pursue (senior citizens, sports buffs, families, etc.) and she will assist you in all the many facets of setting up your Group Travel Program.

          Joyce Brooks has been to 110 countries on over 200 group tours and 36 cruises. (Check out Where and When on website).  She has lived every facet of the group travel business, and was a tremendous success.  She had over 3,000 faithful followers who went with her at least once, and many were numerous repeats.  Therefore she was able to travel around the world virtually free.

          To do this requires many things:  (1) Desire to travel and willing to make sacrifices to do so. (2) Love to work with people of all ages and all walks of life. (3) Must have living income to get started, but later can work into a profitable endeavor. (4) Lots of energy and creative ideas.

          As Joyce Brooks likes to help others start into the group leader profession, she will counsel you throughout the setting up process and will not charge a cent until you have the first trip going.  Then all that is required is $100 for the initial set-up, and a retainer of $25 per trip.

          Counseling will be mostly via e-mail, with an occasional telephone call.

          So fulfill that life-long dream today, and start your own group travel program.  Joyce Brooks will be right there to guide you along the way.  To begin, contact Joyce at .  You pay nothing until you have your program up and going.  Check out a current consulting job Joyce has at

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